I Found A Friend Lost In The Lush

One night in New York City, I found myself at a fashion event in Soho, of couse I couldn't help but get carried away. I am not a stranger to being out of touch with my sobriety . The vibe was the perfect mix of people and drinks and natrually people are caught in my gravity for some reason. I tell my story of im visiting from Texas and in the small gathering of comapany I feel the energy radiating from this woman and I felt like I needed to know her. I t wasn't in a sexual sense it was more tame, I'm not usually friendly past a certain point but I asked her name and she politely responded Kourtney. We went back and forth for a while, and she invites me to have a drink at her Tea house and the rest is history.


Kourtney is my Craft Cocktail Mixologist in New York and I feel like she knows all of my drunken secrets. I have taken dates there everytime I am in town and she always has something new and refreshing to try. It honestly feels like the added magic to those nights where I barely remember but still cherrish dearly. So the drinks I will show will come with a short tale of what my night was like at that time.