Josh Robertson was born in Port Arthur Texas, The the youngest of a family of 5. The alluring temptations of a fast life breathed down his neck and for a moment it seemed to be the answer as it was to others before him. Knowingly, he set out to break the mold society said he was set in, from then on a change immerged and this compelling idea sent him to forge a different path not before seen by his peers.  “Perception is the reality of a shallow creature and in this world we are all shallow creatures image is not only how you see you but how the world sees you as well.”  Faced with tremendous odds stacked against him he found himself and began to bloom in the ruin of what his life was at that time. Armed with the morale and values of his late grandfather Eugene Knatt he sought to become a man of a higher calling and prided himself in exceeding expectations of others. The Urbane Savant was fashioned from the idea of Dressing like the man or woman you want to become and to truly embark on that path you must adorn yourself accordingly.

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