Missing You

Days such as this

It’s you I miss

The simplicity of you



I'm now faced with the complexities of who

a perfect stranger


That’s attached by a thread

Of hope embedded in my head

That this will head to magnificence

And she will hold significance

Signified by emotions

Am I foolish to think such


To embrace the sadness of the truth is a bit much

Falsely convinced by a touch of lust

to call a cactus a rose

to touch and realize hurt

but the fact of being alone would be worse....


In Search of pt2

Must I comb the globe

Or is she under my nose


I reach into the world and pull back nothing

Swearing this time would be different

It all felt right from a distance



I feel as though I seek something that is nonexistent

I ponder in wonder


And all the while I wonder

Will my roaming eyes ever gaze upon her?


On God knows when my hearts very desire will be granted

I grab hope it’s  in my grasp she has landed

I pull back to see that once again I am empty handed


In Search of pt:1

I am searching for something

Looking for someone


A who with substance

And a mind that is depths deep


An adoring heart that is worth a leap

A person who shall be worthy of me

And it shall be her who graces me

With the company of she



Her passive voice will calm the chaos

In which I am submerged in


I will rise to highs unheard of

From the taste of her love

Deeper Than...

We lit up the sky all I knew was fireworks. We sparkle then we fade that is how a fire, works. Warm for time and the cold darkness crept in.

Josh Shoes A-3.jpg

The black night sky on the 5th of July we knew then didn’t we? I fill the chill of it and the real of it.


We part ways like the red sea never to see the ocean floor just separate and ignore all of the things that we could discover.


We could only see our reflections as we stayed on the shallow ends. Where the connection was just never deep enough.


Were you allure by the Maidus hoping to shine you up to be the object of affections and not this drowning lust?


I wonder do angels like you pray enough, because you are looking like prey and such. 

Looking Back (For A Second)

Tell me what it is you seek, all that you want me to be. Who do you see me as, am I your dream guy? I could be couldn’t I?  This could be something, or maybe it’s just nothing all.


It was the way you said things, the way you could kill dreams. That had me thinking this was the wrong thing. I wanted you to empower my choices echo my voices and cheer me on


 You loved to scream my failures but layup and tell me how much you cared for me, but other than physically you were absent from me.


All I wanted was all can’t have, only one to split it with my other half, I am alone on this path and I can focus on who I missing I catch myself reminiscing.


I only wish this would have things would have panned out differently. I wonder if you read what I write sometimes do I ever cross you mind; do you ever wish you were still mine?

I know it wasn’t perfect but it could have been worth it if you had patience with me. 

Never Sweat It

As the temperatures start to rise I feel like I have, to keep the cool about myself, I can’t let them see me sweat not even for a second.


I have to keep my composure and pretend to have my nose up I can’t allow the wrong people to get closer. The temperature is rising but I have nothing for you but a cold shoulder.


I have never felt so not in control but well composed. The structure of my tailored garments are keeping me whole. A cool I can’t lose but a story to be told. I was who I have always been and you went missing on me to go explore what a life without me would be.



Will we cross paths again? Only the lord knows. I must say we fell so far away from a blissful place. I would backtrack if I could but it’s not in my character but as hard as I try I can look past you.     

Long Live The Urbane Savant


I know I took a rather long vacation, I had to do some soul searching and live some life, as you may or may not have seen on my Instagram. The Pursuit has not stopped and it has been a rather intense journey with some insanely unbelievable stories. But I have collectively decided to return with a new found voice.



This voice is me, in the mind in the moment truths that propel my endeavors, sometimes it is difficult to know what I'm thinking when I am captured in photos. I want you to know me better I have felt for the longest time that I have been just going through the motions and lacking emotion and revealing my true self.


Josh Shoes B.jpg

I want you to know that I am human, and a man with needs and tendencies, like any other. I have partied, broken hearts had mine broken. It’s been a hell of a roller coaster and I want you to know my lows and experience my highs.



It's not just clothing, this is life all dressed up and out of control, my vices, mistakes and all of that in between. So if you think this is a blog like anything else out there you are sadly mistaken and encourage you to open your mind.