Looking Back (For A Second)

Tell me what it is you seek, all that you want me to be. Who do you see me as, am I your dream guy? I could be couldn’t I?  This could be something, or maybe it’s just nothing all.


It was the way you said things, the way you could kill dreams. That had me thinking this was the wrong thing. I wanted you to empower my choices echo my voices and cheer me on


 You loved to scream my failures but layup and tell me how much you cared for me, but other than physically you were absent from me.


All I wanted was all can’t have, only one to split it with my other half, I am alone on this path and I can focus on who I missing I catch myself reminiscing.


I only wish this would have things would have panned out differently. I wonder if you read what I write sometimes do I ever cross you mind; do you ever wish you were still mine?

I know it wasn’t perfect but it could have been worth it if you had patience with me.