Watering My Life

Have you ever just acknowledged how beautiful the world is? Nature is a wonderment all its own. The birds that sing, the bees that buzz and the sounds of the trees shaking gently in the breeze all compose a symphony of life that harmonizes so resplendently to our eyes. I love walking the trails and experiencing the full immersive vibe of nature. I find both joy and gratitude whether I am on a longer journey in the wilderness to my shorter treks at the local park. Nature is a part of our lives and everyone needs to do their part to ensure its survival because ours depends on it.

I’m not saying that we all need to join organizations and do volunteer work although that would be great if you want to! I’m saying to think of the things you could do on a daily basis to help in having a sustainable future. I have partnered with Brita to challenge the way I consume water and I think you should too. I am ditching the plastic water bottle companies to do my part in reducing plastic waste in the world to help preserve our environment and I think you should consider making the switch as well!

Everyone deserves cleaner, great-tasting water, but we shouldn't have to trash the planet to get it. Swap for Sustainability. Whether it's at home, on the road, at the gym, or at the office; the Brita Filtering Bottle filters water as you drink through the straw so you can have great-tasting water anywhere, without the waste. Best of all you'll replace 1,800 single-use plastic water bottles a year just by choosing to use your Brita Filtering Bottle instead of bottled water!

I love the Brita Filtering Bottle in stainless steel because this 20-ounce bottle filters as you drink to deliver hassle-free hydration anywhere. Its unique stainless steel design features double wall insulation to keep water cold for up to 24 hours. I like the appeal of the design and the added bonus that It is also cup holder friendly for us city commuters like myself. It also comes with a replaceable filter that reduces chlorine taste and odor of tap water!


 This post is sponsored by Brita but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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