Bang Bang

Shot in the picturesque town of Freeport, TX, director Nina Hawkins and her team collaborated with Hues of Man to create a stylized retelling of the story of the most notorious criminal duo in American history. "Bang Bang" re-imagines the story of Texas's very own Bonnie and Clyde, a couple who went on an infamous spree of murders, robberies, and heists in the 1930s. Bang Bang reunites Hues of Man and Josh Robertson, as well as the models from the Revival of Gucci project. New York City fashion influencer and consultant Alyson Cafiero stars in the central role as the enigmatic Bonnie, and Hues of Man stars as her partner in crime. Pieces are from the Gucci FW16, Cruise 17, and Gucci Ghost Collections.

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The Trouble Gang, played by Josh Robertson, Joey Garcia, Erik Tjon, and Tucker May, rule the town dressed in Gucci’s and Trevor “Trouble” Andrew’s Gucci Ghost collaboration. The collection is a wild amalgamation of street and high fashion, bringing graffiti art influences to the Gucci brand. The men were styled to convey a rough, urban confidence.


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VzTechXStyle Night Out

The sun is slowly setting after another notoriously sticky Houston evening, I arrive at the Verizon Destination Boutique settled on the busy Post Oak Blvd in the heart of the Galleria area. I have a tingling in the pit of my stomach, as I make my way into the venue I find myself trying to settle my nerves because tonight I am co-hosting The VZTechXStyle Night Out with Ashely Dunn. We are celebrating the holy matrimony between technology and fashion with the ultra chic Moto Z, boasting Motorola’s latest interchangeable Modular device. So why am I so unsettled? Well that is easy to answer, I am speaking to a large group of people tonight and yes at the age of 27 I still get butterflies. I am just as excited about this in the same breath, being able to speak about how tech has impacted my journey and navigation of the fashion world is how I am here at this point.

Hosts: Ashely Dunn and I

Hosts: Ashely Dunn and I

As I make my way into the building, I'mwarmly greeted and immediately overwhelmed visually by the store’s impeccable aesthetic expecting nothing less from a Verizon Destination location. The store is the perfect blend of tech and experiential in this luxurious retail space. I was a bit alarmed as I didn't see an area set up for the event, and none of my guests were here. I started to panic and those fifteen seconds feel like an eternity, until my attention was called upon by a team member addressing me by name. She informed me that the meeting was upstairs on the second floor and guests were anticipating my arrival, ahh my relief at the moment was too real.

HuesofMan and I

HuesofMan and I


Up stairs was just as impeccable and if felt so good seeing some familiar faces as well as some new ones. I really love how both the fashion and tech communities have grown in Houston recently. I was elated to see the support of my peers show up on Verizon’s, Motorola’s, and my behalf. After a little mingling and light bites it was show time, the stage was set nicely for our special guest of the night, the Moto Z. Seeing the wonderful tech capabilities of its multi-mod design, I am literally obsessed with it. As an Apple user I lust over the idea of technology that is innovative and not just something that has been normal standard for almost a decade. It pains me to say thatI have been sorely disappointed in Apple’s lack of expansion on technologic advances to its users. 




 A few details about Moto Z Droid and Moto Mods:


Camera Mod

Camera Mod

The Moto Z Droid is a brand new smartphone exclusive to Verizon, it is part of the Motorola family and it’s the thinnest smartphone on the market today. For you guys that tweet, text, stream, and post all day, it has extended battery life and is water resistant. Those are the cool basics but, what really puts the Moto Z in a lane of its own is the accompanying “Moto Mods.” The Moto Mods are kind of like Transformers that bring out various special features you clip onto the smartphone via magnets. The Mods turn the phone into some thing more than a smartphone, sorry Apple. Brands like JBL, Tumi, and Kate Spade, have developed some interesting Mods that enhance battery life and can convert your phone into a killer speaker. All and all I would say that Motorola and Verizon are on to something spectacular.

Do it for the gram

Do it for the gram

Moto Z Style

Moto Z Style

The night ended on a high note as I explained my rise in the fashion industry due to technology in the the last few years allowing my experiences to be shared to you, my followers and supporters. After all you guys are one of the reasons that I get out of bed every morning and continue moving forward. Fashion is my passion and my tech sets the stage in the digital world. I hope to see you at my next event, I look forward to meeting you. For information on the Moto Z Click Here

All photos and Video were shot by Grant/SCKNOWS

Through the Hands of Time with Tiffany's

Time is a rhythmic cycle of existence or so it feels, maybe our circle of life forces the perception of a circle. The truth is that it is an infinite line and we are but a segment constantly caught in transitions of two points.


We are here but came from there but where are we going? We have but we had and yet we still seek more. We want only the best because we know that is out there and ours for the taking. Here we are caught in between where we are and where it is that we want to be, in transition, only aged by time and trophies as a testament.


Why are we stuck losing touch with the wonders of every day? Why don’t we cherish the very seconds that spawned the forward movement of progression and every blemish along the way?  


While Moving at the speed of life I discovered myself chasing the thrills of my dreams. I was an instrument of precision as a fine Swiss movement, draped in decadence that shined radiantly as the gold I wear. Who knew ambition and a heart fueled with strong desires would put me on a that that led me here?


Let me be clear, there are no road maps but only pieces from the Atlas that serve as reminders. I live at the same sixty seconds as you but what we make of those minutes differ.



Time is the most expensive form of payment and it is a luxury neither of us can afford to waste.  I can only pay homage to this understanding by how I choose to keep it with my CT 60. I hold my seconds with and intense respect not to be squandered.  


There is more to be discovered at Tiffany and Co. Galleria or online at

Tiffany CT60 3-Hand 40 mm men's watch in 18k rose gold $12,000

Atlas Pierced Cuff in 18k gold $5,200

Atlas pierced wide ring in 18k gold $1,700

Knot cuff links in 18k gold $3,200

Living Like Mr. Harper: Keys to Summer Style Pt:1

This summer is about to challenge our wills to be dapper, will you cave under the pressure or will keep your cool. The temperatures are on the verge of scorching; how will you stay style strong?

Well not to worry Mr. Harper and I are in your corner fighting for you with some style and drink ideas that will help you keep your cool while in the midst of these summer months.



What keeps a man cool? Well that is simple, it is the look, a mood an over stroke of confidence permeating from his core. How is it accomplished, by being intelligently put together for the occasion and the weather?


Ideally, for the summer cotton and linen are the go to fabrics to get you through it. I pulled this linen suit out as the perfect summer go to and since this particular fabrication makes it a bit casual I mixed it with this awesome bold yet neutral check vest from SuitSupply to give it that extra element of pizazz. I called in the Calvary with this thin cut denim/chambray shirt, I like the rugged element it provides along with the texture of a knot tie to create a lovely equilibrium. To top it off the festivity of the pocket was just the sprinkles to top it off.



A good drink can be a relaxing summer staycation, a sweet escape at your favorite bar.  Mr. Harper and I have come together once again to help you stay refreshed with a fine craft cocktail.


We are delighted to announce the Harper's Tango. Mango and Pineapples bring a tidal wave of tropical flavors to the IW Harper. It's a waltz of decadence in a cup as it chills you down completely. This tango will certainly to be a seasonal favorite. 


Harper's Tango

By: Ryan Holcomb

.5 ounces of mango juice

3\4 of an ounce of simple syrup 

1.5 ounces of IW Harper 

.5 once of pineapple juice 

.25 ounce of i range juice 

3 dashes of Jamaica bitters



Get The Look

The Gents Dinner: Living Like Mr. Harper

My private dinner experience with I.W. Harper Kentucky straight Whiskey. I am not a stranger to libations and toothsome dishes prepared in a decadent manner, when I was asked to "live like Mr. Harper", my response was The Gents Dinner: surrounded by some of my closest friends in a lavish setting, with stimulating conversation and some guided whiskey enlightenment.  


Chef Vigo was the first to arrive and man, came ready to throw down his “From the Barrel” whiskey dinner. The four course menu included eccentric dishes with plays on iconic whiskey cocktails. My stomach rumbled with excitement, well maybe more hunger than excitement. He came in and made haste with the set up and meal preparations.


“Old Fashioned”

Scallop Ceviche | Orange zest | Cherry Jus | Chive | Chile


This dish was astoundingly delicious with a peculiar texture and a careful calculated take on Ceviche.

“Whiskey Sour”

Barely Broth | Porcini |Morel | Honey | Lemon Zest

This intensely earthy flavorful vegetable soup took over 3 days of prep time to lock in its distinctive taste.


Spiced Duck | Honey Potato Cake | Micro Greens | Cherry Bitters



The main course was cooked to perfection; the duck is a bold bird that resonates on all notes on the palette, a hint of wild with a fine blend of herbs and spices.

“Mint Julep”

Apple | Rhubarb | Mint | Vanilla Bean


This apple pie and ice cream was a great mixture of sweet and savory and a perfect end with some I.W. Harper straight


 After the rest of Mr. Harper’s and I, guests arrive we were welcomed by refreshing cocktails prepared Val our personal mixologist of the evening, he kept out sprits high by keeping out I.W. refreshed and never dry.


Mr. Harper, shares with us his story of inception and his colored past, and now he has returned to the U.S. to get back to his roots after being abroad so long. As we listened intently to his story we had the pure robust whiskey to drink.

The purpose, of tonight was to celebrate the life of Mr. Harper and we rose glass to him for believing in us to keep the dream alive.

DSC_4968 (1).jpg

We were in such a debonair manner with his aged 15 year-old Kentucky straight Whiskey and fine cigars over current topics burning in our minds. I am convinced that there isn’t as much fellowship with our brethren and it is something that we need to get back to.

This was a refreshing experience with I.W. Harper and The Gents: Daniel, Ryan, Eric, Fredis, Vigo, Val and Andrew you all had a hand in making the night an unforgetable memory.