Through the Hands of Time with Tiffany's

Time is a rhythmic cycle of existence or so it feels, maybe our circle of life forces the perception of a circle. The truth is that it is an infinite line and we are but a segment constantly caught in transitions of two points.


We are here but came from there but where are we going? We have but we had and yet we still seek more. We want only the best because we know that is out there and ours for the taking. Here we are caught in between where we are and where it is that we want to be, in transition, only aged by time and trophies as a testament.


Why are we stuck losing touch with the wonders of every day? Why don’t we cherish the very seconds that spawned the forward movement of progression and every blemish along the way?  


While Moving at the speed of life I discovered myself chasing the thrills of my dreams. I was an instrument of precision as a fine Swiss movement, draped in decadence that shined radiantly as the gold I wear. Who knew ambition and a heart fueled with strong desires would put me on a that that led me here?


Let me be clear, there are no road maps but only pieces from the Atlas that serve as reminders. I live at the same sixty seconds as you but what we make of those minutes differ.



Time is the most expensive form of payment and it is a luxury neither of us can afford to waste.  I can only pay homage to this understanding by how I choose to keep it with my CT 60. I hold my seconds with and intense respect not to be squandered.  


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Tiffany CT60 3-Hand 40 mm men's watch in 18k rose gold $12,000

Atlas Pierced Cuff in 18k gold $5,200

Atlas pierced wide ring in 18k gold $1,700

Knot cuff links in 18k gold $3,200