The Gents Dinner: Living Like Mr. Harper

My private dinner experience with I.W. Harper Kentucky straight Whiskey. I am not a stranger to libations and toothsome dishes prepared in a decadent manner, when I was asked to "live like Mr. Harper", my response was The Gents Dinner: surrounded by some of my closest friends in a lavish setting, with stimulating conversation and some guided whiskey enlightenment.  


Chef Vigo was the first to arrive and man, came ready to throw down his “From the Barrel” whiskey dinner. The four course menu included eccentric dishes with plays on iconic whiskey cocktails. My stomach rumbled with excitement, well maybe more hunger than excitement. He came in and made haste with the set up and meal preparations.


“Old Fashioned”

Scallop Ceviche | Orange zest | Cherry Jus | Chive | Chile


This dish was astoundingly delicious with a peculiar texture and a careful calculated take on Ceviche.

“Whiskey Sour”

Barely Broth | Porcini |Morel | Honey | Lemon Zest

This intensely earthy flavorful vegetable soup took over 3 days of prep time to lock in its distinctive taste.


Spiced Duck | Honey Potato Cake | Micro Greens | Cherry Bitters



The main course was cooked to perfection; the duck is a bold bird that resonates on all notes on the palette, a hint of wild with a fine blend of herbs and spices.

“Mint Julep”

Apple | Rhubarb | Mint | Vanilla Bean


This apple pie and ice cream was a great mixture of sweet and savory and a perfect end with some I.W. Harper straight


 After the rest of Mr. Harper’s and I, guests arrive we were welcomed by refreshing cocktails prepared Val our personal mixologist of the evening, he kept out sprits high by keeping out I.W. refreshed and never dry.


Mr. Harper, shares with us his story of inception and his colored past, and now he has returned to the U.S. to get back to his roots after being abroad so long. As we listened intently to his story we had the pure robust whiskey to drink.

The purpose, of tonight was to celebrate the life of Mr. Harper and we rose glass to him for believing in us to keep the dream alive.

DSC_4968 (1).jpg

We were in such a debonair manner with his aged 15 year-old Kentucky straight Whiskey and fine cigars over current topics burning in our minds. I am convinced that there isn’t as much fellowship with our brethren and it is something that we need to get back to.

This was a refreshing experience with I.W. Harper and The Gents: Daniel, Ryan, Eric, Fredis, Vigo, Val and Andrew you all had a hand in making the night an unforgetable memory.